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Chikni Card Game

USD 42.160 https://www.ubuy.com.kw/inter-ship/catalog/product/view/id/74348/s/product-704831350364
By:  Chikni
SKU: 704831350364 74348

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Quick Overview

  • Chikni is a Kuwaiti card game.

  • Different from other card games.

  • Multiple players can play at the same time.

  • The objective of the players is to guess who is the “2 faces card holder”.

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Chikni Card Game

Product Description

Overview Chikni is a Kuwaiti card game unlike any other, the idea of it is if you got the “2 faces card” you have to guess the location and what is going around you without letting other players guess you are the “2 faces card holder”
How To Play
  • The objective of the players is to guess who is the “2 faces card holder”.
  • At the start of each round all players receive cards showing same location except one player who receives the “2 faces card” instead of the location. 
  • Players start asking each other questions to try and guess who is the “2 faces card holder” since the “2 faces card holder” does not know the location he/she have to listen carefully and try to know the location.
  • At any time during the round, any player may accuse another of being the “2 faces card holder” if all players agree with the accusation, the round ends and the accused player has to reveal his identity. 
  • If the players guessed correctly who is the “2 faces card holder” all other players score points except “2 faces card holder” however, the “2 faces card holder” can end the round by announcing that he guessed the location and if the location is correct only the “2 faces card holder” scores points.
Big Appliance No
Brand Chikni
Model Chikni Card Game

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