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Cliff House Diatomite Bath & Kitchen Mat

USD 34.000 https://www.ubuy.com.kw/inter-ship/catalog/product/view/id/68571/s/product-123459068
By:  Cliff House
SKU: 123459068 68571

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Quick Overview

  • Material :diatomaceous earth

  • Size :23.6''(L)*15''(W)*0.3''(H)

  • Color:Gray

  • Anti-slip/anti-bacterial/extra-absorbent

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Cliff House Diatomite Bath & Kitchen Mat 

Product Description


What Is Diatomaceous?

  • Diatomite is a sedimentary rock biochemistry from the diatom cell wall deposition surface of a light yellow or light gray, soft texture and light.
  • Can be easily pulverized, low density, porous, rough sense, a strong water absorption.
  • Walls painted in diatomaceous earth can help control humidity, temperature interval, noise, absorb harmful gases and aerosols in order to improve indoor air quality.
  • Derived from natural diatomaceous earth.
  • A special process is made household products, with dehumidification, deodorization, air purification, and other functions.
  • This product is made from pure diatomite made with non-slip mats for the same kinds of diatomite production process.
  • It is super fast water absorption capacity is 5-10 times more than the market similar products.

Homeweeks’s Diatomaceous

  • Homeweeks’s Diatomaceous Earth Hard Board Bath Mat is made of ancient phytoplankton (diatoms) as raw materials.
  • Which has functioned as super absorbent, antibacterial deodorant, non-slip and so on?
  • You won't have to worry about getting your floor wet after you come out of the bathroom.

Perfect Bathroom Partner

  • It also has amazing water absorbing power and Non-slip function.
  • The water on your feet can quickly suck away.
  • When your feet leave the bath mat, the wet footprints will disappear within 15 seconds.
  • The strong water absorption ability and Good anti-skid performance could become you're a perfect bathroom partner.

Antibacterial & Deodorant

  • To keep your family's health.
  • The long-term use of traditional mats can lead to the breeding of bacteria, which will be a great threat to your families’ health.
  • The Diatomaceous mat does not add any harmful substances and bleach.
  • The natural green material of it effectively prevents the propagation of bacteria.
  • It’s the best choice for millions of families!

How to Take Care

  • When there are stains on the surface, washing it by water and use sandpaper gently grinding the surface until removed.
  • Then let it dry naturally. The quickly renewing bath mats looks the same as the new one.

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Model Diatomite Mat
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