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Kaboost Booster Seat - Goes Under The Chair

BHD 16.770 https://www.ubuy.com.kw/ar-bh/catalog/product/view/id/79277
مِن:  Kaboost
اس كي يو: Kaboost-8950370010 79277

Regular Price: 24.381BHD

Special Price 0.000BHD

المقدار الذي سَتوفِّره:24.381BHD

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مشاهدة سريعة

  • Easy to Fold and Carry.

  • Grows With Your Child.

  • Adjustable Spring System.

  • Compact and Lightweight.

  • وصف المنتج
  • معلومات اضافية
  • الآراء حول المنتج


  • Dimensions - 13” x 12” x 6.75”
  • No assembly required.
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
Big Appliance لا
Additional Warranty Yes (Click ADD TO CART for available options & refer T&C for detail info)
علامة تجارية Kaboost
  1. my child’s favorite chair استعرضت بواسطة o o

    Ever since I used Kaboost, my 4.5 yrs old child always preferred that chair that had it. It is so obvious to see how my child had more comfort and also self confidence to sit with the adults on the dining table, especially since he is in the age that he doesn’t like to be treated as a baby, and that is why he doesn’t like to use high chairs. (تلصق في 19‏/5‏/2019)

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